28 Sep 2017

Solar maps of 145 countries released for free download on Global Solar Atlas

In collaboration with the World Bank Group, today we are releasing new mid-sized maps of 145 countries on Global Solar Atlas. These include maps of Photovoltaic electricity output, Global horizontal irradiation and Direct nominal irradiation. Maps range from 1 to 4 MPix and they are open for free download to use in presentations, websites and marketing materials. Besides these new maps you can also find larger poster maps for print, Google Earth maps and longterm annual average GIS layers for the whole world.

03 Jul 2017

Google Earth maps for the whole world released by Solargis on Global Solar Atlas

Solargis releases GHI, DNI and PVOUT maps for Google Earth in kmz format. These maps cover the whole world and can be used for fast solar feasibility studies. Maps are available for download from Global Solar Atlas - a mutual project of World Bank Group and Solargis.

20 Feb 2017

Solargis presents new climData reports

We have developed new functionalities of reports that are available now through our climData. The changes include the new chapter of TMY Overview with various statistics and charts about the site. Additionally, we also added originality check which will verify the authenticity of the file received from 3rd party using the MD5 algorithm. This will verify whether you have a full unamended original file. All the sample files on the website were updated to cover also the year 2016.

17 Jan 2017

Solargis develops Global Solar Atlas for the public good

Solargis is proud to announce the launch of the Global Solar Atlas, developed by Solargis as part of the World Bank Group’s ESMAP initiative. Currently, the Global Solar Atlas is the only free resource that makes available PV electricity potential data, globally, at the resolution as high as 1 km.

Since we first launched the Solargis database, our mission has been to play a role in making the solar industry more efficient and competitive. Our contribution to the Global Solar Atlas is another step towards fulfilling our mission.

We are confident that this new development will greatly benefit the academic sector and small businesses who until now relied on lower-quality free solar data sources. By making available Solargis annual average data via the Global Solar Atlas we lose an important revenue stream. This tough decision was made easier because of the faith our customers – old and new – have shown in our services over last years. We also expect that this collaboration with World Bank will help us further cement our position as a provider of the most reliable solar energy assessment services.

15 Dec 2016

Annual average values of solar resource and temperature are now available for free via iMaps

Over the last years we have invested a lot in creating the most reliable and detailed global solar resource database. We have made some of the data public in the form of free image maps that are widely shared within the solar industry.

Today onwards, we are also opening access to long-term annual averages of key solar parameters GHI, DIF, and DNI via Solargis iMaps prospecting tool. This will be the first time that a global solar radiation database with spatial resolution higher than 1 km is accessible for free.

13 Dec 2016

World Bank and IFC award Master Agreement to Solargis for solar resource assessment services

In a competitive procurement process, led by the World Bank Group, Solargis has been selected for solar resource assessment and mapping services. Solargis has already been assisting the World Bank with solar resource mapping and measurements in Maldives, Malawi and Zambia.

In collaboration with the World Bank Group we are looking forward to provide a better access to the high-quality solar resource and meteorological data to support the development of national-level solar energy strategies, and more reliable resource assessment for development of solar power plants.

20 Nov 2016

Providing data for Shuaa solar web app developed by the Ministry of Energy of the United Arab Emirates

In cooperation with the Ministry of Energy of the United Arab Emirates we provided data and solar calculation backend for the Shuaa app. This application allows home, farm and business owners, communities, industries as well as the installers and manufacturers to develop preliminary estimates of the cost and performance of potential PV installations in the United Arab Emirates.