How Solargis forecasting solutions can help you

Maximise the value of solar power you own or operate

Solargis hour ahead and day ahead forecasts can help you mitigate imbalance penalties applied by the energy market operator.

Optimise operating reserve requirements

High penetrations of solar power introduce new challenges for grid operators who need to balance energy supply and demand. Solargis forecasting services helps grid operators to be better prepared for changes in solar power generation.

Improve certainty of load forecasts

Solargis has the capabilities to forecast power production that may not be visible to grid operators – the solar electricity that is generated and self-consumed at households and commercial buildings. Behind the meter solar power forecasts from Solargis can help improve accuracy of load forecasts in areas with high penetration of distributed PV.

Optimise storage dispatch

Upfront knowledge of expected solar power generation helps optimize the energy storage dispatch schedule. This can bring monetary benefits as result of reduced demand charges as well as increased battery lifetime.