Historical time series and TMY data

Solar radiation data available

  • Global Horizontal Irradiance/Irradiation, GHI
  • Direct Normal Irradiance, DNI
  • Diffuse Horizontal Irradiance, DIF
  • Global Tilted Irradiance, GTI

Meteorological data available

  • Air Temperature at height of 2m, TEMP
  • Wind Speed at height of 10m, WS
  • Wind Direction at height of 10m, WD
  • Relative Humidity, RH
  • Atmospheric Pressure, AP
  • Precipitable water, PWAT

Spatial Resolution

  • Solar radiation parameters: 250m x 250m

  • Air temperature: 1 km x 1 km

  • Other meteorological data: approx. 25 to 35 km

Temporal Resolution and Coverage

climdata temporal coverage solargis

Present temporal coverage of solar resource data in climData application
  from 1994       from 1999       from 2007     ■ no data

Crosshatch represents the regions with mixed data source content, depending on satellite data availability. Hence, data for each particular site are evaluated by an expert to deliver data with the lowest possible uncertainty.

Other data specification

Data formats

  • Solargis csv
  • PVsyst – only for TMY data
  • TMY3 – only for TMY data

Time Reference

  • UTC – default
  • Longitudinal time zone – default for TMY data
  • Local time zone – on request