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Focus on analyzing data, spend less time on finding data

High resolution solar data is not easily available, particularly for emerging markets or for recent time period. The Solargis database includes access to historic, recent, and forecast data for almost any location in the world

Introduce reliability to your research conclusions

Get access to the same high-value data that are used on a daily basis by the world’s top project developers, technical advisors, and government agencies.

Enhance your learning experience

Some trends and insights on performance of solar power plants can only be identified with use of reliable and high-resolution data. Solargis data will help you understand not just what is happening but why it is happening.

Discounted pricing for academic customers

We realise that for students and researchers, funding available for procurement of data can be often limited. Being ourselves firmly rooted in the research background, we are very keen on supporting students and researchers. However, because of costs related to processing of data and to protect our commercial interests, only a limited subset of our database is made available for free.

Below is a summary of Solargis products that we make available for free or at discounted price for the academic community.

Academic discounts on Solargis products are applicable only when the following conditions are met:

  • User is a student, faculty member or researcher studying/working at a higher education institute or non-profit research organisation
  • Solargis product will be used only for independent academic research, academic journals, teaching, or for other educational activities
  • Commercial value of the Solargis database is retained
  • Any raw data made available by Solargis is not published or shared with 3rd parties without explicit permission of Solargis

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