Solargis presents new climData reports

We have developed new functionalities of reports that are available now through our climData. The changes include the new chapter of TMY Overview with various statistics and charts about the site. Additionally, we also added originality check which will verify the authenticity of the file received from 3rd party using the MD5 algorithm. This will verify whether you have a full unamended original file. All the sample files on the website were updated to cover also the year 2016.

TMY contains hourly values derived from the time series covering complete calendar years. The data history is compressed into one year, following two criteria. The first is minimum difference between statistical characteristics (annual average, monthly averages) of TMY and time series. This criterion is given 80% weighting. The second criterion is maximum similarity of monthly Cumulative Distribution Functions of TMY and full-time series, so that the occurrence of typical hourly values is well represented for each month. This criterion is given 20% weighting. 

sample report climdata 

Download climData sample reports

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