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Data parameters available

Solargis provide access to all solar resource and meteorological data parameters required for evaluation of the energy potential of solar power system.

Solar and PV parameters


Data Parameter Description Unit
GHI Global Horizontal Irradiance / Irradiation W/m2 for instantaneous values
Wh/m2 for hourly values
kWh/m2 for daily, monthly and yearly values
DIF Diffuse Horizontal Irradiance / Irradiation
DNI Direct Normal Irradiance / Irradiation
GTI Global Tilted Irradiance / Irradiation
OPTA Optimum Angle for PV modules on fixed mounted construction °
PVOUT Simulated PV Electricity Yield kWh
flagR Irradiance quality flags:
0: sun below the horizon
1: model value
2: interpolated <=1 hour
3: extrapolated <=1 hour
4: interpolated/extrapolated >1 hour
5: long-term monthly median or persistence
6: synthetic data
11: from NWP forecast model
SE Sun altitude (elevation) angle °
SA Sun azimuth angle °
TMOD Module temperature °C

Meteorological parameters

Data Parameter Description Unit
TEMP Air temperature at height of 2 m (dry bulb) °C
WS, WS100 Wind speed at height of 10 m, Wind speed at height of 100m m/s
WD, WD100 Wind direction at height of 10 m, Wind direction at height of 100m °
RH Relative humidity %
AP Atmospheric pressure hPa
PWAT Precipitable Water kg/m2
SWE Snow water equivalent kg/m2
WG Wind gust m/s