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From talking with thousands of solar energy companies, we've learned that solar professionals want data and software tools that will help them predict solar energy yield easily and accurately. This is exactly what we are trying to help with.

Solargis for project development

If you are developing or helping develop new solar projects, you probably want to have a reliable estimate of long-term energy yield and optimise the design for maximum profitability. There are many software tools that help you with these tasks. One thing in common with most of these tools is that the default weather database is not very reliable. 

The solution is to use Solargis online apps or import Solargis data to your preferred PV simulation software. Multiple independent validation studies have shown that Solargis outperforms all other irradiation data sources available. If you use Solargis data for energy yield calculations, the risk of over or underestimating the potential yield is lower.

Solargis for operational projects

The Solargis database is updated in real-time and can provide estimates of expected PV production for recent history i.e last days or last months. These estimates can be compared with actual PV production data from a power plant to understand its performance.

Solargis data are a practical alternative to pyranometers for performance monitoring of rooftop PV systems. For large ground-mount PV systems, Solargis serves as an independent data source for validation and gap-filling of on-site irradiation measurements.

We also provide intraday and day-ahead forecasts of PV power production for individual solar power plants, or regional aggregations of hundreds of solar systems.

How to get started with Solargis?

Solargis data can be accessed via online apps, FTP, or API access. Below are suggestions on how to get started with Solargis, depending on your use case.


Online apps FTP/API access

Site prospecting and preliminary yield assessment


iMaps and pvPlanner apps can be accessed via but will be discontinued soon. 

The new Prospect app is available via The new app combines features of iMaps and pvPlanner, and includes additional features.

If your organisation already has a subscription, ask the admin user to invite you to join your organisation's account.

Alternatively, create a new company account and get started with a free trial

pvPlanner service is available via API access.

See API documentation.

Detailed due diligence, design optimisation, performance check for recent history


Go to the climData app available at to order time series or TMY.

Data can be imported to 3rd party simulation software such as PVsyst, NREL SAM, Helioscope, etc.

If your organisation has a subscription access, contact us to have your username added to the subscription access.

API access available on request.

See API documentation.

Regular performance monitoring


Go to the pvSpot app at

Then create a PV system. Irradiation and expected PV production data for the last 6 months + daily updates for next month are available as a free trial for the first PV system created.


Contact us for trial access or try the API using the demo key.

See API documentation.



Online app not available.

Contact us for trial access or try the API using the demo key.

See API documentation.