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How to organize projects in your project list

Once you save many projects it is a good time to start organizing your projects. Click on “Projects” from the upper menu. Here you can access:

  • All saved projects
  • Recent projects
  • Tagged projects

The menu functions as a filter so if you select the Favorite projects, all other projects will be hidden.

How to use tagging for projects

Once you select project(s) a new menu will appear on top. Click on 'Add tag' icon to add a tag to selected projects or to create a new tag. In the top left menu now you can filter your projects according to their tags. You can also remove the tags from this menu.

You can also organize your tags from the project list, available any time you click on “Projects” at the top.

Can I reopen archived projects?

You can find your archived projects under the section "archived projects" on the left side panel. To unarchive them just select the projects that you want to and click on the button on the top bar. You can also click on the "three dots" directly from the list and select "unarchive".

Is there any limit on the number of projects?

Whilst there is no limit on the number of projects that can be created, we do have in place fair usage policies to ensure fast application load times for our users.

The majority of our users (> 99%) never end up crossing the fair usage limits. If you expect very heavy usage, for example, hundreds of map clicks or new projects within a day, we suggest you consider API access charged on the basis of request volume.