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Creating a project

Click on the map or search the address and coordinates (1) to find the location of your project. Click on Save as project (2).

creating project

Click on Open or Site detail.

creating project 2

The site detail is already showing some basic information for your project. For further assessment you need to add the configuration of your plant.

Adding a PV configuration

For further assessment you need to add the configuration of your plant. In Site detail click on Add PV configuration or Change system type.

creating project 3

For a basic evaluation you can select one of the predefined templates or copy the PV configuration of some other site. Click Choose.

creating project 4

Click Save and calculate PV electricity

creating project 5

Click Previous (to go to Site info) or Next to go to Report.

You have successfuly created a new project and added a PV configuration.

creating project 6

For an advanced configuration please see this tutorial.

Reviewing project details

reviewing project details

1. Site detail
This is the main tab for viewing information and configuring your project.

2. Top left menu
Top left menu icon will show hide the site menu which you can use for navigation between the tabs in the Site detail section.

3. Site detail tabs

  • Overview
  • Site info
  • PV configuartion
  • Solar and meteo
  • PV electricity
  • PV performance
  • Economy
  • Reports
  • License

4+5. Previous and Next
For navigation between the tabs you can use the Previous and Next tabs located on the bottom of each screen.

6. Glossary
In some of the tabs you can find a Glossary section which explains the parameters used on the page.

Changing project name

You can change the name of the project in Site detail > top left menu > Site info > Edit name

creating project 7