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The new Prospect app ( combines features of iMaps and pvPlanner (available via, and introduces several new features. We will be retiring iMaps and pvPlanner in a phased manner over the next 15 months. Below is a timeline on how iMaps/pvPlanner will be phased out:

Up to Q3 2019 - If you have a subscription to iMaps/pvPlanner, you can request access to paid features of Prospect for the duration of your current subscription. If you renew your subscription, you get access to iMaps/pvPlanner for another 12 months.

From Q3 2019 - It will no longer be possible to purchase/renew subscription to iMaps/pvPlanner

Q3 2020 - iMaps and pvPlanner will no longer be accessible

Eligibility for paid access to Prospect app

The Prospect app comes with 2 levels of paid access: Basic and Professional. Comparison of the features available under each plan can be seen here: . Your current subscription access determines whether you will get access to Basic or Professional plan. Below are some examples that show eligibility for Basic and Professional plan.

Current subscription plan Prospect plan eligibility
No subscription to iMaps/pvPlanner Free trial to Basic plan for 1 project
pvPlanner small region (100km x 100km) single user Basic, 3 users
pvPlanner, large region, single user Basic, 3 users
iMaps + pvPlanner (without DNI), single user Basic, 3 users
iMaps + pvPlanner (without DNI), 3 users Professional, 3 users
iMaps + pvPlanner, 5 users Professional, 5 users

User and company accounts

In, multiple user accounts can be associated with one company account. Resources (projects, subscriptions) are associated to the company account. Admin users will have access to all projects associated with the company, and can also manage subscriptions and other users. Regular users will only have access to projects created by them or shared with them.

Accessing paid features of Prospect

Only one person (admin user) from a company should request access to paid features of Prospect app. This person can then invite colleagues to join the company account, and assign access to the Prospect subscription.

Steps for requesting access to paid features:

1. Sign-in to using existing login credentials

2. Open the settings menu. Switch from personal account to company account. In case there is no company account, create a new company account.

Switching to company account


3. Open company admin console. Submit request for paid access to Prospect. At this stage you will be asked to review and accept the terms and conditions for paid access to Prospect app.

SG2 requesting Prospect paid access


4. We will review your request, and attempt to activate paid access within 24 hours. Upon activation, you will be notified by email. 


Differences in data outputs

The Prospect app includes updated data for GHI, DIF, DNI, and TEMP. The updated data is calculated using the latest model version and includes years up to 2018. The updated data layers will also be made available via iMaps/pvPlanner. Thus monthly and annual averages of GHI, DIF, DNI, and TEMP will be the same across all 3 apps. However because Prospect app features improved PV simulation model, the PVOUT values obtained via Prospect app will be slightly different from that in pvPlanner.

Transferring bookmarks from iMaps/pvPlanner

We are working on a feature that will allow you to bulk create projects in by importing a csv file. When implemented, you can export bookmarked sites from, and import it to

Features available in iMaps/pvPlanner but not in Prospect

There are a couple of features that are available in iMaps/pvPlanner but not available yet in Prospect. This includes map measurement tools and horizon editor. We plan to release these features also in Prospect app in the near future.

Any questions or suggestions?

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