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Switch from personal to company account

If you are already a member (either admin or regular user) of a company account subscribed to any of the Prospect paid plans (Basic or Professional) you need to make sure that your access is switched from your personal account (the one that is created the first time you sign up) to your company account (the one that is actually linked to your Prospect paid plan).

To switch to your company account, please follow these instructions:

  1. Sign-in from
  2. Click on the top right corner to see the drop drown menu
  3. From the options that appear below, please select the account related to your Prospect paid plan.


If after following the previous steps, you are still unable to use Prospect paid features, it is possible that your personal account is not linked to your company account yet. In such case, please get in touch with those users of Solargis within your company who have admin rights in Prospect and ask them to invite you as a member of your company account. You can share with them these instructions if they are not familiar with the process of inviting new users.

Please note that there is a limit in the maximum number of users available under paid Prospect plans. If you are interested in adding new users to your plan, please contact us.

Unhide parameters from map view

After you have switched to your company account by following the previous instructions, some of the parameters available under your paid plan may be hidden in your Prospect map view. You can control this from the map settings accesible at the button below your username. From there, you can check/uncheck the parameters you want to see under the map data section.

See all PV simulation reports

When opening a new project. after doing the site selection from the map view, some of the reports provided by Prospect are shown as locked. If you are already signed in under a company account with a paid subscription, you just need to select a PV configuration to see all these values unlocked.


Please note that some of the PV configuration options are available only under Prospect Professional plan, so users of Prospect Basic plan would need to upgrade their subscription in order to run simulations for all type of systems beyond the basic ones.