Release notes

04 Dec 2017

Extended operational data coverage

Data service for Hawaii upgraded to include daily updates of historic time series. Daily updates can be accessed via pvSpot online application or Solargis FTP/API service.

15 Nov 2017

Improved intra-day forecasts

Nowcasting service now available for La Réunion and Mauritius.

11 Sep 2017

Updated database

Small correction of data in North America, South America, East Asia and Australia.

14 Aug 2017

Updated database

Small correction of data in China and Japan since July 1, 2017.

29 Jun 2017

pvSpot coverage extended to South Asia

Due to the integration of data inputs from the new IODC MSG satellite mission, Solargis operational data with daily updates is now available for most of India and Pakistan, Nepal and Sri Lanka. For this region, the original time resolution for recent data periods (since February 2017) is now 15-minutes instead of 30-minutes.

15 Jun 2017

New CdTe model for PVOUT Time Series

We have incorporated new improvements into the PV simulation models we use for Time Series of expected PV production (PVOUT) for CdTe modules technology. Recent time series of expected PV production for CdTe are available via pvSpot; historical time series are available through climData upon request.