Automate the monitoring of PV electricity generation from your power-plants

Solargis FTP service regularly provides the recent solar radiation, meteorological and PVOUT parameters, thus delivering independent data for evaluation of your solar power plants performance. This service provides most comprehensive set of input parameters. Resulting data are accessible via standard FTP apps or all processes can be fully automated for machine-to-machine communication. Contact us to discuss your specific requirements, and we will prepare a customized quotation for you.

Automation of large data transfer

  • Request processing is asynchronous (you register a request, server does its job and sends you a callback to pick up your data). 
  • Requests can run as scheduled services (e.g. once per day, per month) or on occasional basis. 
  • Both request and response are text files (CSV), thus they can be easily automated and processed in a batch mode, delivering large volumes of data.

Daily update, monthly re-analysis

  • Most of the clients of FTP API request daily data update. Every single morning operational data for yesterday are delivered via FTP.
  • On top of the daily update, in the end of each month the recent data are re-calculated and delivered again as a complete month. This process is called monthly re-analysis and fixes missing data or minor imperfections of operational data delivery. There can be a minor difference between operational and re-analysed (archive) data.


Solargis FTP API provides the important services for

Asset management

Receive regular update for large number of solar energy systems to keep the electricity production under control

Forecasting of solar and PV power

Receive regular update of your future electricity production up to 7 days ahead

PV performance monitoring

Compare and evaluate real energy production vs. simulated PV or solar data to detect underperformance