GIS data and maps

An effective way to visualise, query and process map data

Understanding the regional context of solar, climate and geographic data is important in planning, monitoring and forecasting of solar power plants. Maps are an effective way of visualisation Solargis data. They reveal knowledge, which cannot be derived from tables or graphs. Furthermore, if you are familiar with GIS software, you are becoming master of your data. Review our map and GIS data products now.

maps and gis data Solargis

Does geographical context matters to you?

Planners and prospectors

Discover the potential of the world regions in the spatial context

Developers and consultants

Convincing arguments for site selection of solar energy projects

Operators and asset managers

See difference of weather variability and the real performance of power plants, compare recent months with longterm estimates

Engineers and researchers

Detailed spatial overview of solar resource in your region expressed quantitatively

Managers and marketers

Intriguing and eye-catching maps are valuable marketing tools that support your company's credibility, visibility and presentation


Maps are a perfect educational tool that clarify climate featuresin a geographical context