Maps and data for Google Earth

Solargis data and maps in KML/KMZ format and imagery

Visualisation and analyses of data in Google Earth is essential for work, attractive for presentation and efficient for collaboration. We offer Solargis data and maps to be easily used with Google Earth or other GIS software. Request quotation for the region of your interest and type of data.

Visual way to understand spatial context

Some advantages from working with Solargis data and maps in Google Earth

Improve understanding, support decissions

Combine our solar resource data and meteorological phenomenons with real picture of the World, provided by Google Earth

Easy access to data

You don't need to be a GIS specialist to work with even big spatial solar resource data. Solargis files for Google Earth are optimized for zooming into detail as well for global overviews

Have your data always on hand

Save data on your local hardrive to keep it always with you or host the provided files on your local server to share data with your colleagues

Create your own eye-catching maps and animations

Explanatory visual animation gives your audience better insight than plain textbooks or articles. Support your arguments and revive your presentations