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Terms & conditions of data use

Is it okay to share purchased datasets with third party engineers and potential project investors?

If you have purchased a single-user license to time series or TMY data sets, you have received permission to use the data files only for your personal and/or internal business use. The aforementioned outputs may be shared with the Customer’s project partners, but are not for public distribution.

When it is required to share the data with several independent unlicensed third parties, we require a purchase of multiple user or open license. Please contact us if you wish to receive a quotation for a multiple-user or open license to Solargis data.

Please note that under single user license, you are allowed to create studies, reports, or analyses for unlicensed third parties - however, you are not allowed to share the data files itself. For further information, please refer to the climData license agreement:

Does Solargis consider any requests for changes to Solargis data license agreement?

The Solargis data license agreement has been carefully authored to be fair to both our customers and us. Our objective was to prepare a standard data license agreement that would be acceptable to all customers. Our data license agreement has been reviewed and accepted by several large enterprises.

Changes to our license agreements are usually not possible. However, we can consider minor changes. To request changes to the license agreement, contact us with details of the changes you’d like to see and the reason for requesting the changes.

Note that we are unable to change the governing law used for the license agreement. Also, terms relating to intellectual property are not negotiable.