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Payment options

We offer three payment options:

1. Debit or Credit Card
You can choose to pay using any of the two payment gateways available:

  • PayPal – accepts VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover
  • UniCredit WebCard – accepts VISA and MasterCard

If any one of the payment gateways is having problems accepting your credit card, you will have a 2nd option. If your payment is successful, your order is immediately processed

2. Bank Transfer
When you choose the bank transfer option, you will receive a proforma with your order summary and our bank details. Your order will be processed after payment is credited to our bank account.

3. PayPal account
You can also pay for your order via credit you have in your PayPal account. The order is processed immediately upon receipt of payment.

My credit card payment was declined. How shall I proceed?

There can be several reasons why Credit or Debit Cards are declined. Some common reasons include:

  • Insufficient funds or daily payment limits for your card
  • Limited authorisation for payments outside your country or region

You may want to contact your bank to make sure that the above-mentioned reasons do not apply to your card. Before contacting your bank you can also attempt to complete payment by choosing an alternate payment gateway (we offer an option of two payment gateways for credit cards).

In case payment by credit card is not successful despite multiple attempts, you can still complete your order by selecting an alternate payment method: Bank Transfer or PayPal account.