Release notes

Recent updates of Solargis database and online applications

We are constantly working to improve Solargis. Below are details of recent updates to Solargis model and services.

If you have a feature request, send us your feedback via our contact form.

08 Aug 2019

Solargis model v2.1.31 release

- Integrated ERA5 data into our historical time series and TMY

- Better temporal consistency of data

17 Jun 2019

Prospect v1.0.1 release

- PVOUT CSi map layer was updated.

  • Spectral correction considered
  • New temperature data source - ERA5
  • Updated terrain data
  • Soiling losses are now considered before calculation of electric system losses

- Performance of application (loading time) was improved

- Compatibility issues with Firefox/Safari browsers were fixed

01 Jun 2019

Solargis model v2.1.30 release

- Operational aerosol data harmonization was updated for data starting from Jan 2019.  Solar radiation data for all regions were re-calculated using updated aerosol data.

- The data harmonization is used to control temporal stability of the input aerosol data coming from various versions of models. 

- The biggest changes can be expected for DNI during extreme situations when there was very high or very low AOD (aerosol optical depth).  GHI is also affected but to a smaller extent.

29 May 2019

Prospect v1.0.0 release

Initial release of Prospect app, which will replace iMaps and pvPlanner. Overview of updates and improvements can be seen here:

02 May 2019

Solargis model v2.1.29 release

TMY files generated for locations covered by Meteosat PRIME satellite (Europe and Africa) had a small temporal mismatch with time series. The TMY generation srcipts were updated to remove the temporal mismatch.

18 Apr 2019

More frequent forecasts updates

- Frequency of forecasts delivered via FTP was increased from 2 to 4 times a day. 
- The forecasts are now delivered at 2:30 AM, 8:30 AM, 14:30 PM, and 20:30 PM (all times in UTC)