Release notes

Recent updates of Solargis database and online applications

We are constantly working to improve Solargis. Below are details of recent updates to Solargis model and services.

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07 Nov 2019

Stochastic generation of 1-minute solar irradiation data

- For many PV modelling applications it is preferred to have solar irradiation data in 1-minute or 5-minute time step. However, long history of measured solar radiation in 1 minute time step is not easily available. Nor is it possible to receive satellite imagery with frequency of 1-minute.

- We have created a model for stochastic generation of 1-minute solar radiation data from native data resolution of 10/15/30 minutes. The stochastic generation can also be used for generating 5-minute or 10-minute data from 15/30 minute time series. The methodology is explained here:

- Calculation of 1-minute TMY and time series of PV electricity output is also supported.

06 Nov 2019

Solargis model v2.2.0

- Site specific albedo values used for calculation of GTI and shaded GHI

- Surface albedo is a key parameter that determines amount of reflected irradiation falling on the front-side of tilted PV modules . Reflected irradiation also impacts Global horizontal irradiation in regions where terrain is not flat. Until now, we had been using a default albedo value of 0.12 for calculation of time series of GHI and GTI. With release of model version 2.2.0 we will be using site-specific monthly averages of albedo for calculation of reflected irradiation. Technical specification of the albedo dataset to be used can be seen here:

11 Oct 2019

Nowcasting service coverage extended to include parts of Indonesia

- Nowcasting service, based on near-real time processing of satellite imagery, was extended to include region between -5 - +5 Latitude and 115 - 130 longitude.

- Updated coverage map for nowcasting service can be seen here: Solargis API User Guide

- Learn more about Solargis nowcasting service:

09 Sep 2019

Prospect v1.1.0

- New version of economy calculator

- Economy calculator available also in compare tool

- Horizon editor

30 Aug 2019

New data parameter - Water equivalent of fresh snowfall

- Time series of water equivalent of fresh snow fall [unit: kg/m2] is available as a new data parameter. The data is taken from the ERA5 database and is available for full history (except last 2-3 month period).

- Data on fresh snowfall helps to understand frequency of snow events and is useful for estimation of snow losses.

26 Aug 2019

Solargis model v2.1.32

- Input GOES-East satellite imagery for April 2003 was improved. Previously there were some artificially low irradiance values in some regions such as Chile. This issue has now been fixed.