Release notes

Recent updates of Solargis database and online applications

We are constantly working to improve Solargis. Below are details of recent updates to Solargis model and services.

You can vote for features and submit new feature requests via our public product roadmap.

15 Jul 2021

Prospect v1.8.0 - Update of database to include years 2019 and 2020

New features and improvements:

  • The underlying solar resource and meteo database was updated. The updated database includes data from years 2019 and 2020. Read more for details.
  • New functionality was added to recalculate data for an existing project when updated data are available in the Prospect application
    • User is informed when new or updated data are available on the server
    • User may choose to update the Project with new data or to keep historic data in the Project
    • Metadata section in project detail is now dynamically populated with actual project metadata


  • Search results are now again displayed on Prospect map
  • Empty legend is not displaying for satellite and topographic maps
02 Jun 2021

Prospect v1.7.0


  • Vietnamese language support
  • Additional zoom level (zoom 12) in all Prospect maps


  • Sorting of Projects without PV configuration by Installed capacity in compare section 
30 Mar 2021

Prospect v1.6.3


  • Added Backtracking as a configuration option of tracking PV systems
  • Added decimal digits to some parameters (GHI, DNI, DIF, GTI, D2G)
  • Improved GPS coordinate formatting (3 digits for longitude to clearly differentiate from latitude)
  • Improved transferring projects
25 Mar 2021

New methodology for TMY PXX generation

Solargis TMY data is constructed using multi-year time series (TS) by selecting the most representative months which are finally concatenated into one artificial and representative single year.

We introduced a new methodology for generation of different probability scenarios for TMY PXX (P99, P95, P90, P80, P75, P25, P20, P10, P5, P1) into the data delivery process.

The new methodology is based on increasing the number of months used to generate the TMY from TS. For example: if we have 27 years at the input, we create 729 synthesized candidates. This allows increasing the data points of constructing TMY in a simpler way but also increases the accuracy.

15 Mar 2021

Nowcast available for Azores, Egypt and Zambia

We extended the nowcast availability provided in Solargis. The nowcasting is accessible in the timeframe of up to 6 hours ahead thanks to the Solargis Cloud Motion Vector (CMV) model.

We have extended the nowcast in MSG/MFG PRIME (Europe and Africa) region to Azores, Egypt and Zambia.

15 Mar 2021

Solargis model v2.2.15 - shading information on CSV header

Solargis' metadata was updated in all CSV file header of products. The updates include information on whether horizon shading is applied for GHI, DNI, DIF and GTI data, e.g. #GHI - Global horizontal irradiation [Wh/m2], no data value -9, with terrain shading.