Release notes

Recent updates of Solargis database and online applications

We are constantly working to improve Solargis. Below are details of recent updates to Solargis model and services.

If you have a feature request, send us your feedback via our contact form.

09 Sep 2019

Prospect v1.1.0

- New version of economy calculator

- Economy calculator available also in compare tool

- Horizon editor

26 Aug 2019

Solargis model v2.1.32

- Input GOES-East satellite imagery for April 2003 was improved. Previously there were some artificially low irradiance values in some regions such as Chile. This issue has now been fixed.

16 Aug 2019

Prospect v1.0.3

- Improved zoom and map labels for BING satellite map

- Updated UX for map measurement tools

- Fixes to horizon graph

- Fixed bug in snow losses table/graph. Previously -1 value was shown for months with occasional snow.

08 Aug 2019

Solargis model v2.1.31

- Integrated ERA5 data into our historical time series and TMY

- Better temporal consistency of data

17 Jul 2019

Prospect v1.0.2

- Satellite map replaced with BING satellite map for improved imagery in many regions

- Distance and area measurement tools included in map window

- reCAPTCHA removed for users from China

21 Jun 2019

Prospect v1.0.1

- PVOUT CSi map layer was updated.

  • Spectral correction considered
  • New temperature data source - ERA5
  • Updated terrain data
  • Soiling losses are now considered before calculation of electric system losses

- Performance of application (loading time) was improved

- Compatibility issues with Firefox/Safari browsers were fixed