Supporting decade of growth in the solar sector

At Solargis, we have supported a decade of growth in the solar sector – and continue to support it through its transition into a new phase of post-subsidy development and operation. Reducing risk in this changing landscape requires a focus on efficiency. Solar asset owners are looking to get the most out of their projects, supported by the latest developments in solar and meteorological data.

Over the past 10 years, we have invested heavily to build an extensive archive and robust operational services based on meteorological satellites and models. Investing also in a team with the technical capabilities and resources to transform this raw data into value has driven the expansion of the business and helped us set a benchmark across the industry.

We understand the challenges faced by players throughout the solar value chain, such as identifying what constitutes reliable and accurate data, and differentiating between providers. In our ‘what to expect from your data provider’ series, we also use the knowledge gained from supplying our data for tens of thousands of projects, worldwide and working with solar and meteorological measurements at over 1000 sites. Read more in our Q&A on reliability with myself and Tomas, our CTO, in this edition.

Solargis continues to invest with the next 10 years in mind.  We’ve built out our team of data experts, increasing capacity in our technical and customer support teams. Our recent new hires will allow us to meet the growing demand for high-quality bankable data, energy analysis and consultancy. With specialist knowledge, together with our investment in additional processing tools and models, a wealth of insight can be gained by combining our global high-resolution database with data from the solar asset itself.

Equipping a growing team of experts with additional tools to process and analyse larger volumes of data more efficiently and more autonomously increases the value we can provide to the solar industry worldwide, enabling solar asset owners and operators to benefit from greater optimisation throughout the project lifecycle. In today’s edition you can read about our collaboration with First Solar to help them maximise the value of their Japanese portfolio.

All the best,
Marcel Suri
Managing Director, Solargis

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