For residential portfolios of 5+ MW

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For commercial rooftop portfolios. Includes essential data for basic performance analysis.

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For large-scale portfolios. Includes complete set of data at sub-hourly resolution for advanced performance analysis.

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Frequently asked questions

Is there a free trial?

We offer a 30-day trial to the Basic plan for 1 project. You can try limited features via our online app pvSpot, or contact us to request free trial to API/FTP access.

How is price for upgrade calculated?

If you need to upgrade your subscription, the upgrade fee is charged on pro-rated basis, based on number of months remaining in subscription period. For example, if you want to upgrade from Pro 25 project plan to Pro 50 project plan with 3 months remaining in your subscription period, the fee will be (EUR 6000 - EUR 4000) * 3/12 = EUR 500

Which plan shall I opt for if I have combination of rooftop and large-scale projects?

Let's say you have a portfolio of 30 rooftop projects and 5 large-scale projects. In such case you could opt for Pro plan for up to 50 projects for EUR 6000/year. Alternatively you could subscribe to Basic plan for up to 50 projects, and Pro plan for up to 10 projects for a total cost of EUR 3000 + EUR 2000 = EUR 5000/year.