New 3D tool for configuring and visualising tracker movement

We’ve released a new tool that will allow Solargis users to request time series data for PV systems with trackers. You can choose from 4 types of tracker options: 1-axis horizontal, 1-axis inclined, 1-axis vertical, and 2-axis tracking. It is also possible to specify tracker rotation limits and enable/disable backtracking.

In addition to configuring the PV tracker type, the tool can be used to visualise the sun path and self-shading in a 3D environment. A useful application for this would be demonstrating tracker movement with and without backtracking, and to visualise how shading changes when adjusting row spacing and rotation limits.

tracker movement

The tool is accessible via the Solargis climData application:

New parameters for defining tracker systems were also added to Solargis API service, allowing users to receive PV Electricity Output and Global Tilted Irradiation time series for PV system with trackers.

We would love to hear your feedback on this product release. You can send us your comments or suggestions for further improvements via the comments section below.

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