Independent PV performance monitoring
How many projects do you operate or manage?
up to 10


Simple, cost-effective solution for getting performance insights for residential portfolios of 5+ MW


For commercial rooftop portfolios. Includes essential data for basic performance analysis.


For larger power plants, where even 1% performance improvement makes a big difference. All features available
Starting at
€ 5,000 / year Contact us for pricing
Starting at
€ 1,000 / year Contact us for pricing
10 projects included
Starting at
€ 2,000 / year Contact us for pricing
10 projects included
  • Essential parameters only
  • Daily or Monthly time step

Practical alternative to pyranometers

  • Data for multiple roof orientations per project
  • Hourly time step
  • 1 month history

Complementary solution to on-site weather stations

  • 10/15 minute time step
  • support for tracking systems
  • 6-month history

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Core features
Global coverage
Spatial resolution of solar radiation data = 250 m x 250 m
Data available up to previous day
Real-time data updates Available as add-on Available as add-on
Data parameters
Solar resource parameters (GHI, DIF, DNI) GHI only
PV parameters (GTI, PVOUT) Fixed mount systems only Fixed mount systems only Fixed-mounted + tracker systems
Basic meteorological parameters (TEMP, WS, WD) TEMP only
Meteo parameters for calculation of spectral loss/gain (RH, PWAT, AP)
Meteo parameters to help estimate snow and soiling lossess (SDWE, PREC)
Other features
Time step Daily Hourly up to 10/15 minutes
Access to data for recent history Last 1 month, up to yesterday Last 1 month Last 6 months
Data access FTP or API pvSpot online app, FTP, or API pvSpot online app, FTP, or API
Reporting Available as add-on
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Available between 9 AM and 5 PM CET

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer a 30-day trial to the Basic plan for 1 project. You can try limited features via our online app pvSpot, or contact us to request a free trial to API/FTP access.

If you need to upgrade your subscription, the upgrade fee is charged on pro-rated basis, based on the number of months remaining in the subscription period. For example, if you want to upgrade from Pro 25 project plan to Pro 50 project plan with 3 months remaining in your subscription period, the fee will be (EUR 6000 - EUR 4000) * 3/12 = EUR 500

Let's say you have a portfolio of 30 rooftop projects and 5 large-scale projects. In such case you could opt for Pro plan for up to 50 projects for EUR 6000/year. Alternatively, you could subscribe to Basic plan for up to 50 projects, and Pro plan for up to 10 projects for a total cost of EUR 3000 + EUR 2000 = EUR 5000/year.