Solar prospecting tool for fast and reliable project pre-feasibility

Accurate estimation of solar energy potential is crucial in the pre-feasibility phase. Besides accurate results, it is also desired that the pre-feasibility study is done efficiently. Solargis prospecting tools, iMaps and pvPlanner, provide fast access to reliable solar yield estimates. The new Prospect tool further increases accuracy of estimates and makes it easier to collaborate efficiently on development of solar projects.

Reduce risk, save time

Most accurate

Solargis data has the best accuracy and reliability amongst available solar databases. This has been confirmed by several independent studies. Solargis data has been validated at 1000+ locations globally. Validation statistics for 180+ non-confidential sites can be seen on our validation map.

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Solar resource + prefeasibility PV modeling in one platform

Popular simulation software such as PVsyst have advanced capabilities for system design and energy modeling. However, the default weather data in such tools is not the most reliable. Importing weather, albedo, and horizon data from 3rd party data sources is often time consuming. With Solargis prospecting tools you have everything you need for preliminary yield assessment in one platform.

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Key features

360° overview of environmental factors

17+ solar resource, meteo, and geographic data layers for accurate estimation of temperature losses, soling and snow losses, and bifacial gain.

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Advanced analytics and comparisons

Output data is aggregated as anual and monthly averages, and average hourly profiles for each month. Interactive charts and tables help to better understand the PV electricity potential and PV performance.

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Detailed breakdown of losses

The simulation model is based on the latest scientific developments. All factors affecting plant performance are considered and a detailed breakdown of losses is provided.

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