PV performance assessment study

Yield assessment for refinancing or new asset acquisition

A PV yield assessment study performed after several months or years of operation is a very useful exercise that can help optimize performance and also provide a revised and more accurate long-term energy estimate for refinancing or new asset acquisition purposes.

Operational PV yield assessment study Solargis

Features and benefits

Independent performance verification for operational period

Actual PV power production and performance ratio for a given period is compared with Solargis simulated values for P50 (best estimate) and P90 (conservative estimate) scenarios. The Solargis simulated values are based on Solargis satellite-derived irradiance inputs for the comparison period.

Recommendations for improvement of performance

We make a detailed inspection of actual production data with objective of identifying reasons for underperformance. Where possible, we provide recommendations on what can be done (i.e. more frequent cleaning, removal of nearby objects that result in shading, etc.) to improve the performance of the power plant

Revised and more accurate long-term energy estimate

Energy yield estimate in the pre-construction stage have higher uncertainties for weather inputs and also for estimation of losses. We analyse irradiation, meteo, and actual production data from the power plant to correct bias in weather inputs and more accurately estimate energy losses. These adjustments help lower uncertainty of long-term energy estimates.