PV energy yield assessment study

Independent and reliable assessment of longterm PV electricity production

The longterm power production of a PV system can be calculated using several PV modelling software packages. This type of calculation is routinely performed by engineers designing solar power plants. However, for financial risk assessment, investors and developers also require professional assessment and reporting of uncertainties related to the energy estimation and related solar and meteorological data inputs.

At Solargis, we make use of our own proprietary simulation tools and models for PV yield assessment. These tools are based on knowledge derived from long-term research collaboration with top-class PV laboratories. Because of our unique capabilities and experience, developers and investors globally turn to us for reliable and independent assessment of long-term energy yield and related uncertainties.

PV yield assessment study Solargis

Key features

Low uncertainty of longterm estimates

Our PV energy estimates are based on Solargis solar and meteorological time series data – the data known for its rigorous validation and low uncertainty. Uncertainty of solar resource and air temperature are the biggest contributors to the uncertainty of energy yield estimates. Thus use of Solargis time series is a key element in low-uncertainty PV energy evaluation.

Integration of on-site measurements to reduce uncertainty

When possible, we combine locally-measured solar and meteorological data with modeled time series to achieve results with low uncertainty.

Simulation in 15/30-minute time step

We use sub-hourly time series of solar radiation and air temperature for energy simulation instead of the common practice of using hourly TMY data. Use of weather inputs with higher temporal resolution and full history (up to 22 years) results in higher accuracy and correct evaluation of untypical weather conditions.

Calculation of energy losses with higher confindence

We regularly analyse actual vs simulated PV production for large-scale and utility-scale PV power plants from across the globe. Such experience helps us fine-tune our models and estimate the losses.

Widely accepted by the industry and financial community

We have authored PV yield assessment reports for some of the largest PV projects across the globe. Our team has 16+ years of experience in PV energy modeling and are considered as top experts in the field.