PV energy yield assessment study

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Frequently Asked Questions

We are able to provide PV yield assessment service for power plants of any size. Typically we perform assessments for larger power plants i.e. size > 10 MW. For smaller power plants i.e < 1 MW, where an elaborate yield assessment study may not be justified, you may consider using Solargis data and/or online tools for a quick but reliable assessment of energy yield.

We acknowledge that PVsyst is considered as the ‘bankable’ PV simulation software. However, by using PVsyst software we are limited by the capabilities of the software. For example, with PVsyst it is not possible to run sub-hourly simulations, which becomes increasingly important for hybrid power plants or PV power plants with high DC/AC ratio.

For yield simulation, we are using an in-house developed PV simulation model, which builds upon best available models published in scientific literature. Some of the models used are common with popular tools such as PVsyst and NREL SAM. However, several customisations have been made to the publicly available models with the goal of improving the accuracy of simulated PV electricity output.

On request, we are able to simulate the yield also using PVsyst software for an extra charge. In such cases any deviations between Solargis PV simulation results and PVsyst simulation results are also explained and documented.

Yes, we consider the specific layout and equipment details as provided by our customers. We can also make use of PVsyst .PAN and .OND files.

Accurate energy modeling for bifacial systems has been a key focus when developing the Solargis PV simulation model. The model incorporates several improvements for bifacial modeling compared to other popular software tools. These include use of ray-tracing model and anisotropic sky model. Effect of torque tube on rear-irradiance and rear-shading loss is also taken into account.

Our team has also developed a reliable database of ground albedo, which is a key input for reliable bifacial simulations.

Yes, we are able to run a simulation in 1-minute time step. As input weather data, we can use Solargis 1-minute time series or TMY stochastically generated from 15-minute time series. Alternatively, we can also make use of 1-minute measured solar radiation data.

The typical price for a bankable PV yield assessment study, including Solargis time series data, is EUR 7,000-8,000. The price may be higher or lower depending on the complexity of the power plant design and other factors. We also consider discounts for a portfolio of projects. To get a quote for your project, please contact our sales team.