Global solar data demand reaches new high in 2021

Increased global data demand across the Americas, Europe and Southeast Asia shows maturity of the solar market, as Solargis surpasses 45GW monitoring and forecasting milestone. Read article

Unique collection of the continental solar resource poster maps

Recently, we have enlarged the collection of solar resource maps with the maps at continental scales, covering Africa, Asia, Australia and Oceania, Europe, Middle East, North America and South America. Read article

Solargis launches North American office to tackle growing resource risks in American solar

Solargis expands its presence in Toronto in response to demand from the North American solar industry as it scales up and faces new resource-related risks to profitability. Read article

Better understanding of albedo resource needed to justify investor trust in bifacial solar tech

Solargis report finds that estimates of production increase for bifacial compared to monofacial vary significantly between 4% and 17%. Albedo resource is a key factor influencing bifacial gains, yet remains little understood Read article

The albedo opportunity: A Q&A with Vicente Lara-Fanego and Harsh Goenka

As solar farms become increasingly complex, de-risking bifacial projects by reducing the uncertainty around albedo will be crucial. We sat down with Vicente Lara-Fanego PhD, Weather and Solar Modelling Expert, and Harsh Goenka, Business Development Manager, to discuss Solargis’ new two-part report on this little understood data source Read article

Update of Prospect database to v1.1

The underlying database in the Solargis Prospect has been completely updated (previously version 0.98, now version 1.1). The period for statistics calculation was extended with two recent years for all solar resource and relevant meteorological parameters. Previously, data were calculated for the period up to 2018. The updated data represents the period up to 2020. Read article

Solargis supports Vietnamese renewables integration with advanced forecasting for NLDC

Vietnamese grid operator, NLDC, contracts Solargis to provide forecasting data for over 7GW of solar and wind capacity as the market continues rapid growth. Read article

SERENDI-PV: Solargis joins large European R&D initiative to increase the penetration and integration of photovoltaics

European Commission selected a consortium of 19 expert companies from 8 countries to focus on technical innovation in photovoltaics. Solargis will contribute to advanced PV simulation tools, data analytics and quality control and we will also lead works on improved solar power forecasting. Read article

Growing Pain #1: Maximising efficiency and minimising risk in large-scale project design

Ten years ago, an average solar PV project was a relatively simple affair, comprising 10MW of fixed, monofacial modules. The market has moved on a long way since then. Now, typical solar farms approach 100MW in size and may use a range of technologies such as bifacial, intelligent tracking and floating modules, creating new possibilities for more efficient energy production. Read article

Growing Pains: Five critical data challenges for global deployment of large-scale solar

Solar power’s star is rising resolutely, as lower costs of production open up new markets around the world and solar projects scale up, rapidly. In the last two decades, the size of solar installations has increased dramatically, and we are witnessing the rise of ‘megaprojects’. Read article

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