Solargis supports Vietnamese renewables integration with advanced forecasting for NLDC

Vietnamese grid operator, NLDC, contracts Solargis to provide forecasting data for over 7GW of solar and wind capacity as the market continues rapid growth. Read article

SERENDI-PV: Solargis joins large European R&D initiative to increase the penetration and integration of photovoltaics

European Commission selected a consortium of 19 expert companies from 8 countries to focus on technical innovation in photovoltaics. Solargis will contribute to advanced PV simulation tools, data analytics and quality control and we will also lead works on improved solar power forecasting. Read article

Growing Pain #1: Maximising efficiency and minimising risk in large-scale project design

Ten years ago, an average solar PV project was a relatively simple affair, comprising 10MW of fixed, monofacial modules. The market has moved on a long way since then. Now, typical solar farms approach 100MW in size and may use a range of technologies such as bifacial, intelligent tracking and floating modules, creating new possibilities for more efficient energy production. Read article

Growing Pains: Five critical data challenges for global deployment of large-scale solar

Solar power’s star is rising resolutely, as lower costs of production open up new markets around the world and solar projects scale up, rapidly. In the last two decades, the size of solar installations has increased dramatically, and we are witnessing the rise of ‘megaprojects’. Read article

Webinar: Solar resource ground measurements - issues and quality assessment

Branislav Schnierer, PV Modeling Expert at Solargis, discusses the most common problems and best practices for taking and quality-controlling ground measurements. Webinar was recorded for PVPMC 2020 event in China. Read article

Sentinel-2 satellite maps: because we value up-to-date information

Satellite maps are a basic tool for decision makers, planners and developers of photovoltaic (PV) power plants. They are essential for site-selection, land evaluation and understanding the local topography. They play an indispensable role, especially for the evaluation of sites in unknown territories and in peculiar climate zones. Read article

Japan demands a higher standard of resource data to sustain solar market growth

Reliance on publicly available solar datasets may hold back development and operation of profitable solar projects in Japan. Solargis sees growing demand for high-resolution, validated solar data from international and domestic developers. Read article

Seasonality and Socioeconomics: Assessing global PV potential for the World Bank

Global Photovoltaic Power Potential by Country is an innovative new study developed by Solargis for the World Bank. The study aims to assess the potential for solar PV in every country, capitalising on several new, market-first, metrics and techniques. Read article

Webinar: Self-shading analysis in PV simulation

Watch the PVPMC webinar organized by Sandia where Branislav Schnierer, PV Modeling Specialist from Solargis talked about the technical aspects of self-shading analysis. Read article

Supporting decade of growth in the solar sector

At Solargis, we have supported a decade of growth in the solar sector – and continue to support it through its transition into a new phase of post-subsidy development and operation. Reducing risk in this changing landscape requires a focus on efficiency. Solar asset owners are looking to get the most out of their projects, supported by the latest developments in solar and meteorological data. Read article

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