Solar resource assessment study

Validation and analysis of solar and meteorolgical data

Solargis time series provide a long-term record of solar and meteorological data. Although the Solargis data is of high-quality, for large-scale and utility-scale projects it needs to be supported by regional validation and site-specific uncertainty estimates.

A regional evaluation of the model uncertainty is particularly important in territories, where solar power development is only starting. For this purpose, we provide a detailed solar resource validation and assessment study as an add-on consultancy service to the standard data delivery.

Validation information related to solar and meteorological data from nearby sites is included to support bankability of the assessment. On-site measurements, when available, can be integrated into the analysis to reduce uncertainty and give higher confidence to project stakeholders.

Solar resource assessment study Solargis

Key features

Validation of modeled solar resource data

Regional validation statistics provides a better indication of expected quality of the GHI and DNI model estimates

Validation of modeled meteorological data

Accurate meteorological data is also important for reliable solar energy simulation. The data from the meteorological stations in the region are used for validation and improvement of the modeled values.

Integration of on-site measurements to reduce uncertainty

On-site measured solar and meteorological data, when available, are used for site-adaptation of Solargis model to deliver longterm time series with enhanced accuracy and reduced uncertainty.

Uncertainty and probability of exceedance tables

Solargis reports include uncertainty and probability of exceedance values for multiple scenarios scenarios. This critical information is derived from the analysis of representativeness and accuracy of local measurements, model validation, and from interannual variability.

Benefit from 16+ years of our experience

Our work is recognised as highly credible in the industry. Our team has 16+ years of experience in solar models and ground-based monitoring. Working with us ensures that you have the best expert opinion about the solar and climate conditions at the project site.