Release notes

Recent updates of Solargis database and online applications

We are constantly working to improve Solargis. Below are details of recent updates to Solargis model and services.

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26 Feb 2019

Solargis model v2.1.28 release

- Elevation data, used as input for post-processing of meteorological outputs from NWP models (Temperature, Atmospheric Pressure, and Relative humidity) and for calculation of CdTe PV spectral correction, was updated. Previously the main source of elevation data was SRTM3-v2, which had inaccuracies in some islands, coastal regions, and few deserted regions.
- The primary data source for the updated elevation data layer is SRTM-v4.1, which is an improvement over SRTM3-v2, but still, some issues remained.
- Many issues have been fixed by applying patches based on multiple data sources.

26 Feb 2019

Nowcasting service coverage extended to include North and Central America

- Nowcasting service, based on near-real-time processing of satellite imagery, was extended to include territory covered by GOES satellite. This update is expected to result in a reduced error for Solargis intra-day forecasts for North and Central America.
- Updated coverage map for nowcasting service can be seen here: Solargis API User Guide
- Learn more about Solargis nowcasting service:

27 Jan 2019

Solargis model v2.1.27 release

Data for Americas has been improved using the first complete year of GOES-R satellite imagery:

- better snow identification and processing in GHI and DNI calculation for period from 1 January 2018
more info about the use of GOES-R satellite in Solargis model

08 Jan 2019

Solargis model v2.1.26 release

- IFS forecast was updated with following changes
- Forecast update frequency is 6 hours (before it was  12 hours)
- Temporal resolution for first 48 hours was increased to 1 hour, hour 48-84 remains in 3 hourly resolution
- New region covering east Brazil

03 Jan 2019

Solargis model v2.1.25 release

- Improved gap filling of meteorological parameters, and introduced minimum and maximum limits for parameters to avoid overshoots and other erroneous data cases

16 Dec 2018

Solargis model v2.1.24 release

- De-biasing correction for TEMP data from CFSv2 model (applicable for period 2011 onward) was improved.
- Change in temperature values for period 2011 onward is mostly within ±0.5°C. The change in long-term average is even smaller. For details of TEMP post-processing method see