How Solargis evaluation solutions help

Increase certainty of long-term energy estimates

An important component of the risk assessment is the confidence that can be placed in estimated energy production. Use of Solargis time series data for energy modelling reduces uncertainty and thus reduces the perceived long-term resource risk. As a result, Solargis helps achieving better terms for project financing. When local ground measurements are available, these can be used to further reducing the uncertainty of the long-term resource estimate at project site.

Quantify uncertainty in revenues for a given year and lifetime of project

Banks and investment firms often require energy output expressed as P90 and other probability of exceedance values to determine the risk associated with a project’s ability to service its debt obligations and other operating costs. Solargis time series data are used to make detailed cash flow analysis and model energy estimates for different probability scenarios over the operating lifetime of the project.

Get realistic revenue estimates when valuation of PV output is time dependent

In the post feed-in-tariff era where valuation of PV power can be dependent on when the electricity is generated, accurate representation of power generation profile is critical. Solargis time series data enable calculating detailed and accurate assessment of the intra-day electricity generation profile of a PV system.

Independently evaluate performance for operational power plants

Solargis time series data is available also for a recent time period, allowing to independently check performance of any operational PV system.