Solargis supporting Helioscope

HelioScope is an online app for design and engineering of rooftop solar photovoltaic (PV) systems. While this tool originated in North America, it is increasingly used internationally across many regions.

HelioScope offers a wide selection of functionalities to optimize the electric design of a PV system and to simulate an energy yield. The energy simulation is based on a choice of PV components and settings of a power system. The simulation also requires solar radiation and meteorological data, representing the specific site. To support the highest possible accuracy of simulations, HelioScope has teamed up with Solargis, and now with the Evaluate Basic data subscription Solargis offers data files that are ready to use in HelioScope. According to our estimates, a 1% reduction in solar resource uncertainty can increase the return on equity to investors by approximately 5%.

With the new subscription, Solargis offers TMY P50 and TMY Pxx files, and also full time-series, which are essential for understanding the year-to-year variability and seasonal or intraday solar power generation profiles.

The uncertainty of Solargis data products is the lowest of all available databases, and our solar model is stable across all geographies. It has been validated with good quality measurements at over 230 measurement sites worldwide, across all climate types - data validation link.

See sample data TMY P50 (CSV) and Solargis report (PDF)

You can create a free 30 day trial for HelioScope here to see just how powerful combining HelioScope and Solargis can be.

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