Global Solar Atlas – updated data and new features available!

We are proud to announce the release of Global Solar Atlas version 2.0. The new online app comes with updated data and new features that Solargis has developed for The World Bank.

We released the Global Solar Atlas version 1.0 in 2017. Since then, the tool has helped thousands of people stepping into solar energy. With the update to version 2.0, we want to go one step ahead toward our shared goals:

  • Spread knowledge on solar renewable energy
  • Provide free reliable and validated solar potential data and energy evaluation tools globally

Going beyond annual maps

A more detailed analysis of the energy variability is possible. Besides the annual averages, the user of Global Solar Atlas can now see photovoltaic (PV) power generation and Direct Normal Irradiation data as monthly summaries, and also as 12 x 24 average hourly profiles.

At the regional level, now solar potential statistics go together with the country maps and GIS data. How energy potential distributes across your country? What amount of energy is theoretically possible? You can check this in the new version of the Atlas too.

More accurate calculations

The Atlas uses more accurate algorithms, higher resolution inputs and updated periods for calculating the averages (it includes the historical period up to the year 2018).

We have validated the solar radiation data models again with more weather stations (now more than 220 public reference locations, worldwide). For those interested in checking ground references, data from more than 30 sites coming from ESMAP and IFC campaigns are directly accessible from the Atlas.

Explore other solar technologies

Besides photovoltaics, some users may be interested in evaluating other solar technologies. For instance, a first approximation to solar thermal electricity potential is now possible by looking at the values of direct normal irradiation (DNI).

On the other hand, we included also more information about hydro-power generation sites for those looking at the potential of floating PV systems.

Store your projects and results

With the new version of the Atlas, saving the information of your projects is easy: just bookmark your sites and keep them for next time. Download the results with just one click in friendly formats like pdf and xls.

Recommended use

You can use the Global Solar Atlas for running free and unlimited calculations. The tool is recommended for a preliminary stage and does not provide bankable solar resource reports.

Start using the Global Solar Atlas at

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