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How to compare projects in Prospect

To compare projects, please follow these steps:

  1. Select the projects you want to compare. For this, you can select any stored project from the "Map" and "Project" section and click on "compare" from the top. Or you can also directly go to "Compare" section and add it from there by choosing "add to compare".
  2. To review the comparison, open the top left menu to access all sections. In almost every section you can filter the parameters using the options at the top.


How many projects can be compared at the same time?

You can use Compare tool to compare parameters of up to 4 projects.


How to change the projects added to "Compare" section?

To change the projects, you can just remove and add projects to the "compare" section. To remove a project from "compare", you can do it by just clicking on the X button next to the project name, or from the project list on "Add to compare", deselecting the sites and confirming with the "Apply" button.