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How to share projects within your company accounts

If you want to transfer projects to another company account that is also associated with your personal account, just do as follows:

  1. Select them from your project list
  2. Click on “transfer” from the top menu

Please note that your list of stored projects is only visible to you. If your personal account is associated with more than one company account, you will have more than one project list (one per company account). 

Please note that if a user with an admin role removes you from a certain company account, your list of projects available under that company account will be removed too.

For sharing project information with other people, you have two options:

How to export configurations from projects

Exporting configurations can be quite useful to reproduce the same project settings in other simulations done by other team members, or across other Solargis solutions.

To export project configurations please follow these instructions:

  1. Sign in to Prospect and go to 'Projects' section
  2. Select the projects you want to export
  3. Click on the 'export' icon at the top
  4. Download the CSV file with all the configuration details

Can I share Prospect reports with my clients and partners?

According to Prospect particular conditions, the Prospect user can create "studies, reports or analyses produced as a paid or unpaid service of the Customer for a third party based on Data Sets or Data Reports as long as the Data Sets are not transferred to the End Users. There are no restrictions on use of Data Report, provided the source “Solar resource data © [Year] Solargis” is referenced."