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Interactive maps

interactive maps

1. Map area
Click on the map to select the site. Red marker will appear which shows the value of your currently selected map layer for your location. PVOUT value for monocrystalline silicon modules is shown by default or when satellite or map layer is selected.

2. Map zoom in/out

3. View map in fullscreen

4. Zoom map to show the selected sites

5. Zoom map to show all saved sites

6. Show/hide map legend

7. Change map layer
You can also select another map layer by clicking on one of the parameter’s name under MAP DATA section on the right side of the screen.

8. Map scale and latitude-longitude position of your mouse cursor

9. Search location
You can use address or coordinates

10. Project info
In this section you will find the name and information about your selected site or project. You can change the displayed units by clicking on the triple dots icon to change the displayed units or share the location of the site.

11. Project data
Here you will find data for the selected site. If project has PV configuration you can also view the project data in the second tab. You can change the displayed units. For instance you can click on °C to change the temperature to °F.

12. Parameter settings
Here you can change the visibility of parameters in site data.



Why GHI value on map is different from in project detail section at the same coordinates?

The GHI values that you see in both map and project detail section are GHI after considering horizon shading losses. The only difference is that in project detail section, GHI is calculated using horizon shading at resolution of ~90m. However in the map layer, for faster calculation we use horizon shading data at a resolution of ~250m. As a result, there is a small difference. If you will modify to the site horizon, for example if you upload on-site measured horizon data, you will see even different GHI value.