Solar prospecting tool for fast and reliable project pre-feasibility


For those getting started with solar energy assessment


Must-have features for teams working on commercial rooftop projects


Advanced features for professionals working with large-scale projects
€ 0
€ 1,800 / year
€ 3,600 / year
  • Annual average data
  • Interactive solar resource maps
  • User-friendly PV simulation tool that gives reliable results

All features from Free plan, plus:

  • Monthly averages and 24 x 12 profiles
  • XLSX and PDF report downloads
  • 3 users included + € 300 per extra user
  • Economic calculator
  • Compare tool

All features from Basic Plan, plus:

  • Albedo data for accurate estimation of bifacial gain
  • Precipitable water and humidity data for calculation of spectral loss/gain
  • Rainfall and snow days data for estimation of soiling and snow losses
  • Support for 1-axis trackers
  • Support for floating PV systems
  • 3 users included + € 600 per extra user

Compare plans

Data Aggregation
Long-term annual average
Long-term monthly averages
24 x 12 (hourly x monthly) profiles Selected parameters Selected parameters
Data parameters
Solar resource parameters (GHI, DIF, DNI)
PV parameters (GTI, PVOUT) Fixed tilt systems only Fixed tilt systems only Fixed-tilt and 1-axis trackers
Basic meteorological parameters (TEMP, WS, CDD, HDD)
Rainfall, Snow days, relative humidity, and precipitable water
Ground albedo
Create and save projects
Configure PV system
PDF and XLS report download
Economic calculator
Compare tool
Support for floating PV

Frequently asked questions

When you purchase a subscription to the Prospect app, you will also get access to iMaps and pvPlanner apps for the duration of your subscription. However, it is planned to discontinue iMaps and pvPlanner in the near future. The new Prospect app includes an updated database and several new features. Plus, we are introducing updates to the Prospect app on a regular basis. See our product roadmap here.

Whilst there is no limit on number of projects that can be created, we do have in place fair usage policies to ensure fast application load times for our users.

Majority of our users ( > 99%) never end up crossing the fair usage limits. If you expect very heavy usage, for example, hundreds of map clicks or new projects within a day, we suggest you consider API access charged on the basis of request volume.

We prefer payments by credit card (Visa, Mastercard, etc.) or PayPal. We also accept payment by bank transfer.

API access is available for users on the Professional plan. Contact us for details.