Data delivery web service API

Forecast and recent data for the evaluation of your solar power and PV electricity generation

The aim of this standard Web service is to quickly serve operational and forecast data (PV electricity generation, solar radiation and meteorological data) in a synchronous manner. Thus API enables automation of Solargis near-real-time data transfer into your data infrastructure. You have full freedom to request solar radiation and meteorological parameters for various time aggregations. On top of this, if you set up PV system settings, you also receive data on PV energy production. Both, request and response, are based on the exchange of well described XML documents.
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Routine and effortless access to Solargis data is certainly important for

Asset management

Receive regular update for large number of solar energy systems to keep the electricity production under control

Forecasting of solar and PV power

Receive regular update of your future electricity production up to 7 days ahead

PV performance monitoring

Compare and evaluate real energy production vs. simulated PV or solar data to detect underperformance