Price and License

Price is quoted based on requested parameters (PVOUT, GHI, GTI, DNI, TEMP, etc.), temporal update and number of sites.
Typicaly, licence to access API is valid for one year with the possibility of renewal. Authentication is based on FTP user account registered with the customer.

FTP API data files

The request and the response in Solargis FTP API is viable simply via CSV (comma seprated) text files. The first row is the header, defining the data fields. Each other row represents definition and data of one specific location (defined by Lattitude and Longitude).
Data from CSV files can be processed automatically or they can be imported and analysed in various popular software (like MS Excel, etc.)
Data request CSV file must have header with parameter names on a first row. Below header, there can be unlimited number of rows with parameter values (site requests). Order of parameters is optional.

Response content

Meteo parameters

  • DNI - Direct Normal Irradiance/Irradiation
  • GHI - Global Horizontal Irradiance/Irradiation
  • GTI - Global Tilted (in-plane) Irradiance/Irradiation
  • DIF - Diffuse Horizontal Irradiance/Irradiation
  • TEMP - Air temperature at 2 m
  • RH - Relative humidity
  • WS - Wind Speed at 10 m
  • WD - Wind Direction 
  • AP - Atmospheric pressure

Geographic parameters

  • SE – Solar elevation
  • SA - Solar angle
  • ELE - Elevation

Simulation algorithm

  • PVOUT – calculation of potential electricity energy output from custemer defined PV system

Temporal summarization

  Primary data

  • 10/15/30-minute-step (depending on satellite mission and region)

  Aggregated data

  • hourly
  • daily
  • monthly
  • yearly

Data coverage

climdata temporal coverage solargis

Historic: Present coverage of historic solar radiation and PV data
  from 1994       from 1999       from 2007     ■ no data

pvspot data availability solargis

Operational: Present coverage of operational and recent solar radiation and PV data
  Available now     On request

forecast ghi highres coverage solargis

Forecast: High resolution, higher reliability forecast data is routinely available in the regions marked on the map. Upon request, we can start forecasting service for any other area. 
Lower resolution forecast data available globally.