Evaluate (Time Series / TMY)

Sample data

Site data generated for the location Plataforma Solar de Almeria, Spain
Coordinates: 37.094416°N, 2.359850°W
Elevation: 497.0 m a.s.l.


Evaluate Basic

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TMY P50 (CSV) | TMY P50 (SAM) | TMY P50 (HEL) | Report (PDF)


Evaluate Professional

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Full history: 1994-2021 (28 years of data)

15-minute time series data (CSV)  |  Report (PDF)
Hourly time series data (CSV)  |  Report (PDF)
Daily sums time series data (CSV)  |  Report (PDF)
Monthly sums time series data (CSV)  |  Report (PDF)

TMY P50 (CSV) | TMY P50 (SAM) | Report (PDF)

Custom time period: year 2020 (15-minute data)

15-minute time series data (CSV)  |  Report (PDF)


Evaluate add-ons

TMY P90 (CSV) | TMY P90 (SAM) | Report (PDF)
TMY Pxx for different P values are available upon request.

Albedo time series data (CSV) | Report (PDF)
1 minute time series data (CSV)  |  TMY (CSV)  |  Report (PDF)
5 minute time series data (CSV)  |  TMY (CSV)  |  Report (PDF)