Interactive solar potential maps

When evaluating solar development opportunities in new regions, interactive solar potential maps help to gain strategic insight into options for siting of projects, choice of technology, and planning of business or policy. iMaps is a user-friendly and reliable solar prospecting tool that saves time and helps reduce risks.

solar potenital maps

Key features

High resolution

Solar data with 250-m grid resolution for reliable energy assessment showing detailed solar climate variability, e.g. in islands, coastal zones and mountains.

Unmatched accuracy

Use of Solargis validated data, which has been independently recognised as the most reliable, in the prospecting stage, prevents disappointment in the later stages of a solar energy project development.

Download monthly average data

Monthly averages of solar resource and air temperature help to understand seasonal variability.

See sample data files

Dynamic colour legend

The map colour coding adjusts according to a region and map zoom level, allowing for more detailed data visualisation.