Poster maps

Inspiring, aesthetic, effective working tool

Most reliable solar resource data, high level of detail and professional cartography are the main features of Solargis Poster maps. Large-format maps for solar energy community are not only inspiring and aesthetic complement to your office or conference space, but also an effective working tool for solar projects planning and operation.

Prices from €250


Map data

You can select one or complete set of maps. Four basic map types available (GHI, DNI, PVOUT, TEMP), other on request

Any region

Maps are available in three scale levels: country, continental, custom

Map size

Typical layout size of approx. 1 m sq (A0 or poster like format), other on request

Thorough rendering

High level of detail, professional cartography, exceptional readability

Data readability

Unique and thoroughly selected color legend for each specific region and data type

Contextual information

Support topographic information (administrative boundaries, city names, urban areas, road network, rivers, water bodies, etc.)

Support information

Explanatory text informing how to interpret the map content

Worldwide shipping

Printed maps are delivered to your door by mail service, digital maps accessible to download

Your visibility

Request to add your logo into the map layout

It is possibile to purchase maps in two forms:

Digital image - download link to a ready-to-print digital file is delivered on your email with the recommendations on printing for your local printing service provider.  You are allowed to print any amount of maps for your internal purposes.

Printed map - the final product is delivered to your door by mail service.