Product updates

Update of Prospect database to v1.1

The underlying database in the Solargis Prospect has been completely updated (previously version 0.98, now version 1.1). The period for statistics calculation was extended with two recent years for all solar resource and relevant meteorological parameters. Previously, data were calculated for the period up to 2018. The updated data represents the period up to 2020. Read article

Solargis supporting Helioscope

HelioScope is an online app for design and engineering of rooftop solar photovoltaic (PV) systems. While this tool originated in North America, it is increasingly used internationally across many regions. Read article

Surface Albedo – most frequent questions

Due to the impact that surface albedo has in PV yield calculations (mostly when we talk about bifacial modules), we have noticed an increasing interest in knowing more about this parameter. These are the most typical questions we are receiving (with their corresponding answers): Read article

New Solargis Prospect app: making pre-feasibility easier and more reliable

One of first steps in the development of solar energy projects is a pre-feasibility study. A key requirement is to make decisions on basis of reliable data, with limited time and resources. Read article

New 3D tool for configuring and visualising tracker movement

We’ve released a new tool that will allow Solargis users to request time series data for PV systems with trackers. You can choose from 4 types of tracker options: 1-axis horizontal, 1-axis inclined, 1-axis vertical, and 2-axis tracking. It is also possible to specify tracker rotation limits and enable/disable backtracking. Read article

GOES-East satellite covering Americas is replaced by the new generation GOES-R

The old GOES-East satellite, also known as GOES-13, was launched to orbit in 2006. The data coverage is North and South Americas. Read article

Improved monitoring and forecasting service for Indian Ocean region

The meteorological satellite Meteosat-7, which had been providing satellite imagery for the Indian Ocean region has now been decommissioned. The second generation Meteosat-8 replaces the first generation Meteosat-7 satellite. Solargis users working on projects in the Middle East, South and Central Asia, will benefit from the superior technical features of the Meteosat-8 satellite. Read article

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