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Time series

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Depending on satellite coverage, data are available from Jan 1994/1999/2007 to the last month

Time series + TMY

Full historical archive

Subscription plans

Subscription option 1: Hourly Time Series + TMY P50 - 10 sites / year for € 10,000 (each additional site for € 1,000)

Subscription option 2: Hourly Time Series + TMY P50 - 20 sites / year for € 17,500 (each additional site for € 875)

Other subscription plans are also available. Contact us for more information.


Frequently asked questions

Is it possible order TMY data without time series?

TMY data is derived from a multi-year time series. Thus, it is only available as an add-on to time series data

I need only one month of data, do I have to pay for the entire year?

Pricing for time series data is considered for continuous 12 months periods. Therefore price of 1 month or 3 months of data is same as that for a 12 month period.