iMaps + pvPlanner



Frequently asked questions

Is it possible to subscribe to iMaps for only one region, or to pvPlanner for only one country?

The only subscriptions options available are the ones mentioned above.

Can I use my iMaps/pvPlanner subscription from multiple devices if I have a single-user subscription?

Yes, a single user is allowed to use iMaps/pvPlanner from multiple devices. However you are not allowed to share your login details with others.

Will my subscription be automatically renewed at the end of one year?

No, we will send you a reminder to ask if you wish to renew your subscription.

Can I upgrade my subscription anytime?

Yes, you can upgrade your subscription anytime by paying the difference in price. In case of increase in number of users, price difference is calculated on a pro-rata basis.

Are there any usage limits?

We have a fair usage policy that limits the number of data downloads per day. In case you expect to have very high usage i.e. several hundred requests/month, you may want to opt for API access to iMaps and pvPlanner – which is priced on basis of usage and not number of users.