pvPlanner web service API

Implement Solargis data and PV calculator to your processes and apps

Solargis long-term average data can be accessed via iMaps or pvPlanner. However, if you are looking for

  • Automated access to these data, allowing large number of instant requests
  • Data integration with your internal prospection and planning software
  • Data implementation in your own apps or services

Long-term averages Web-service is worthy for your consideration. Contact us to discuss your specific requirements, and we will prepare a customized quotation for you.

This API is a standard XML-based Web service providing long-term averages of solar and meteorological parameters with simulated PV electricity generation for a specified system globally. The service imitates the click on Calculate button in Solargis pvPlanner application, powerfull for prospection and feasibility of photovoltaic projects. The automation of this provides you exceptional abilities:

  • To process large number of sites in a matter of seconds
  • Implement this service into your own software or application (on click button)

Both request and response are XML documents. Each element of XML document can be verified automatically. Authentication and billing is based on API key registered with the user. We can assist you with the integration to your software platform.