Solar Forecast

Data parameters available

  • PV electricity output, PVOUT
  • Global horizontal irradiance/irradiation, GHI
  • Global tilted irradiance/irradiation, GTI
  • Direct normal irradiance/irradiation, DNI
  • Air temperature at 2 m, TEMP
  • Wind speed at 10 m, WS
  • Wind direction at 10m, WD
  • Wind gust at 10 m, WG
  • Atmospheric pressure, AP
  • Relative humidity, RH
  • Precipitable water, PWAT
  • Precipitation rate, PREC
  • Snow depth water equivalent, SDWE

Forecast range and frequency

  • Forecasts are available for time range of up to 15 days ahead
  • Frequency of the updates:
    • Forecast based on Numerical Weather Prediction models are updated 2 to 4 times per day
    • Forecasts based on Cloud Motion Vector model are updated every 15 or 30 minutes
    • In other words, a revised forecast is available every 15/30 minutes for next hours, and a revised forecast for next day is typically available every 6-12 hours.

Geographical availability

  • Forecasts based on NWP model are available globally
  • Forecast based on combination of NWP models and cloud motion vector model are currently available in selected regions. Please contact us to request more information.

Data accessibility

  • XML format via REST API
  • CSV format via FTP or email
  • More information on API/FTP service can be seen here.