pvPlanner web service API

Web-service Technology

WS API request parameters (represented as XML elements and attributes) are formally described by XML Schema Definition documents (XSD). To validate XML files we provide two endpoint variants:

  • SOAP
  • REST

Price and License

Price is qouted based on number of requests and type of use. Typicaly, licence to access API is valid for one year. Authentication is based on API key registered with the customer.

Response content

GHI - Monthly and annual long-term averages Global Horizontal Irradiation [kWh/m2]
DIF - Monthly and annual long-term averages of Diffuse Horizontal Irradiation [kWh/m2]
GTI - Monthly and annual long-term averages of Global Tilted Irradiation [kWh/m2], available for selected or optimum tilt and azimuth
TEMP - Monthly and annual long-term averages of Air Temperature at 2m [°C]
PVOUT - Monthly and annual long-term averages of photovoltaic electricity output [kWh] for the PV system specified in the input
PR - Monhtly and annual long-term averages of Performance Ratio [%]
TERRAIN – elevation above sea level and terrain horizon

Meteo parameters

  • DNI - Direct Normal Irradiance/Irradiation
  • GHI - Global Horizontal Irradiance/Irradiation
  • GTI - Global Tilted (in-plane) Irradiance/Irradiation
  • DIF - Diffuse Horizontal Irradiance/Irradiation
  • TEMP - Air temperature at 2 m

Simulation method

  • PVOUT – calculation of potential electricity energy output from customer defined PV system
  • PR - Performance ratio

Geographic parameters

  • ELE - Elevation

Temporal summarization

  Long-term averages

  • monthly
  • yearly

Data coverage

imaps pvplanner temporal coverage solargis

Present spatial and temporal data coverage:
  1999-2015       1994-2015       1999-2015       2007-2015     ■ no data