Data parameters

Available via interactive application:

  • Global horizontal irradiation, GHI
  • Global tilted irradiation, GTI
  • PV electricity potential, PVOUT
  • Air temperature at 2 m, TEMP


Additional parameters available via FTP service:

  • Direct normal irradiation, DNI
  • Diffuse horizontal irradiation, DIF
  • Wind speed at 10 m, WS
  • Wind direction at 10 m, WD
  • Relative humidity, RH
  • Atmospheric pressure, AP

Spatial and temporal resolution

Spatial (grid) resolution:

  • Solar radiation and PV output: 250 m
  • Air temperature: 1 km
  • Other meteorological data: approx. 25 and 35 km

Temporal resolution:

  • Daily time step available via pvSpot online app
  • Up to 10/15/30 minute time step available via FTP service

Geographical availability

archive recent 20200525

pvSpot interactive application is available for regions shown in orange colour. The update frequency is 1 day for these regions (i.e. data for 15 Jan 2017 will become available in the morning of 16 Jan 2017).