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Solar maps of 145 countries released for free download on Global Solar Atlas

In collaboration with the World Bank Group, today we are releasing new mid-sized maps of 145 countries on Global Solar Atlas. Read article

Google Earth maps for the whole world released by Solargis on Global Solar Atlas

Solargis releases GHI, DNI and PVOUT maps for Google Earth in kmz format. These maps cover the whole world and can be used for fast solar feasibility studies. Maps are available for download from Global Solar Atlas - a mutual project of World Bank Group and Solargis. Read article

Precipitable Water (PWAT) - new data parameter

Precipitable water or ‘PWAT’ in short, is the depth of water in a column of the atmosphere if all the water in that column were precipitated as rain. PWAT can be expressed in mm or kg/m2. Read article

Solargis presents new climData reports

We have developed new functionalities of reports that are available now through our climData. Read article

Solargis develops Global Solar Atlas for the public good

Solargis is proud to announce the launch of the Global Solar Atlas, developed by Solargis as part of the World Bank Group’s ESMAP initiative. Currently, the Global Solar Atlas is the only free resource that makes available PV electricity potential data, globally, at the resolution as high as 1 km. Read article

Annual average values of solar resource and temperature are now available for free via iMaps

From today onwards, we are also opening access to long-term annual averages of key solar parameters GHI, DIF, and DNI via Solargis iMaps prospecting tool. This will be the first time that a global solar radiation database with spatial resolution higher than 1 km is accessible for free. Read article

World Bank and IFC award Master Agreement to Solargis for solar resource assessment services

In a competitive procurement process, led by the World Bank Group, Solargis has been selected for solar resource assessment and mapping services. Read article

Providing data for Shuaa solar web app developed by the Ministry of Energy of the United Arab Emirates

In cooperation with the Ministry of Energy of the United Arab Emirates Solargis provides data and solar calculation backend for the Shuaa app. Read article

Solar Resource Atlas of Morocco is now available

Moroccan Agency for Sustainable Energy (MASEN) selected Solargis to provide countrywide solar resource data and develop online based Solar Resource Atlas of Morocco. Read article

Solargis reinforces presence in China with SolarMeteo joint venture

We recently partnered with IgenTech to rebrand and distribute the Solargis suite of products under the Solarmeteo brand in China. Read article

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