Documentation Getting started

Join an existing company

For user: Ask your company admin to send you the company invitation. Follow the steps once you receive the invitation email.


For company admin:

  1. In top right corner make sure that you have selected the correct company
  2. Go to 'Company admin'
  3. In 'Users' menu select 'Invite a user'
invite user

Create a new company

Once you are signed in, click on user icon in the top right corner, select 'Add a company account' and follow the steps to create a new company.

Switch company account

Each user can be a member of several companies. A company functions as a billing entity and a project workspace which can be shared by several different users. In order to switch between companies click on 'user icon' in the top right corner, select 'Settings', select your company and close with X button.

switch account

Edit company details

Company admin can edit company details in Company settings.

edit company

Managing product subscriptions

Product subscription is valid for limited number of users of a same company. As a company admin you can manage all your active product subscriptions under 'Company admin' and 'Subscriptions' tab.

Solargis company accounts provide a collaboration environment for you and your colleagues.

In it is possible to subscribe to Solargis service with a personal account. A company account is optional and can only be created by Solargis when a multi-user subscription to Solargis online apps is purchased.

In a company account is a requirement for accessing paid features. Admin of a company account can invite other users, assign permissions, and manage subscriptions.